Though we offer many services to our clients, they are all fully customizable to fit your specific need. We work with you to determine how CPN can best fit in to your operations to assist you most effectively as an extension of your team. 

We work on a time and materials basis so you will only pay for the time spent working on your project.

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General Business Consulting

If you are a new company starting out, or an established firm hoping to better streamline your procedures, we can help! This is a “full service” engagement within a part time framework. We become an extension of your finance team, and work with you on a contract basis – Work hours (either daily, weekly or monthly), will be discussed with you once we understand your requirements.


  • Determine the best accounting software for your business or review accounting software already in place.  Data entry if required.

  • Review, revise or develop financial procedures to successfully track:

    • Customer sales

    • Accounts receivable, payables

    • Tax liabilities and payments

    • Any other financially related items required

  • Review financials on a regular basis, keeping management apprised of any general business issues that may come up, and recommend procedures for mitigation. Areas we focus on generally include:

    • Managing overhead / profitability review & recommendations

    • Retaining customers - market and competitive research

    • Workplace efficiency

    • Cash Flow management

  • Grant, Loan, and business planning – we keep on top of small business loans and interest rates, grant funding and general business planning so should you require any of these additional lending opportunities, we will work to secure such funding for you.

  • Train your current staff in all aspects of business operations that we have implemented and/or continue to maintain your books as an outside business consultant, if appropriate.

Bookkeeping, Tax Prep and Ongoing Operations Support

Our bookkeeping and tax prep services include the following:


  • Daily or weekly data entry (if requested)


  • Monthly review of the following:

    • Sales, expenses, lease/rental payments, additional funding, payroll & payroll taxes, etc.

    • Review of all other monthly entries made into your accounting system

    • Perform all required monthly close requirements, bank reconciliations, etc.

    • Clean up any general ledger issues

    • Generate a monthly income statement, balance sheet & statement of cash flows

    • Monthly review of business with Management


  • Year-end tax prep:

    • Processing Forms W-2 and/or Forms NEC/1099 if appropriate

    • Finalizing and reconciling all annual accounts to ensure your cash accounts mirror actual business operations for the full year

    • Clean up any general ledger issues

    • Prepare financial reports for the CPA for tax filing purposes

    • Develop any other reports or analysis that your CPA may require; support your CPA in finalizing all data for tax returns

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Company Start-Up and Paralegal Services

We can help you at every stage of your company development.

Starting Up:

·    Determine the correct legal/tax entity

·    Entity name reservation

·    Federal/State tax ID numbers

·    Business licenses & accounts set up

·    Tax & Compliance review - Federal, State & Local levels

Staying Compliant:

·    All Federal and State required tax & other document filings

·    Annual reports

·    Compliance Calendar - stay on top of all required tax & other business filings

·    Insurance policies - review and update policies as necessary

Paralegal Services:

·    Legal forms and agreements

·    Contracts - review and negotiations

·    Business Plan development and education

·    Outside financing options