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How to Refine your Strategic Thinking

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Last week I enjoyed a 30-minute informational session with a Leadership and Business Development Coach. You see, even a person such as me, (whose business it is to provide such skills to small and medium sized companies) needs a refresher course now and then. These 30 minutes were very valuable, and I want to give you some key points that I hope you'll think about and apply to your business.

Two key questions many business owners face are: a) how best to run day-day operations? and b) how best to move the company forward and grow in the long term?

These 2 questions fall into what is called tactical (a) and strategic (b) planning.

Finding Your Efficiency

Tactical planning is something most of us are very familiar with – it happens in real time, on a daily basis as we respond to daily situations; e.g. “what tasks need to be accomplished today?” We are all very good at tactical planning since it is immediate and it gives us the satisfaction of “getting things done”. However, many small business owners get caught up in these day to day operations to the detriment of their own Company’s growth, e.g. Strategic planning.

Strategic planning focuses on the long term, big picture. It revolves around the company’s brand, market penetration, marketing focus and the structure built around their growth strategy. If you work too much on the tactics, you’ll have little time for strategy. And, strategy is the key to long term success.

This is where CPN & Associates can help. Our company was built on the premise that a business owner can’t be all things to all people. We partner with you on an “out-sourced” basis and we do it for as long a term or short a term as you like. Check out a case where we found a client extra revenue after identifying financial inefficiencies.

We work on day to day operations and/or we develop longer term growth strategies. We do this to either clean up current issues (tactical) or to get your business to the next level (strategic). Should you find this intriguing and want more information, or if you just have a question, please give us a call or send us an email.


CPN & Associates LLC is a Business Consulting Firm offering strategic business reviews, analytical financial reviews, operational management, and many other small business services.

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