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CPN's Note & Newsworthy - Vol. 3

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The article below will hopefully provide you with some useful information on how to manage your finances and grow your business profitably.

Financial Management for Startups - Business News Daily Rebecka Green, Writer - June 24th, 2019

Key Points:

- Identify how long it will take before your business is profitable.

- Become consistent in financial forecasting so you always know what lies ahead.

- Utilize experts when necessary.


As you have probably figured out, here at CPN & Associates, we are all about working with businesses to improve growth and profitability through our analytical and technological skills. In support of our story on page 1, here are some of the services we provide:


CPN & Associates LLC is a Business Consulting Firm offering strategic business reviews, analytical financial reviews, operational management, and many other small business services.

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