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A truly great boss is hard to find, difficult to part with and impossible to forget

Oleg Vishnepolsky, Global CTO at Daily Mail Online & Metro.Co.UK

We have all likely had experiences with good and bad bosses before we went into business for ourselves, and it’s important, as you grow your business, to keep those experiences in mind. You may be great in developing your passion into a business enterprise – but if you don’t pay attention to the employees you hire to assist you in this endeavor, what does it matter? Great leadership is the cornerstone for any business striving for success.

Although larger corporations may be able to weather difficult times without strong leadership in place, that is not the case with a small business. Smaller companies can potentially fall apart if their leadership structure is not sound. A great leader brings many things to the workplace and to his/her employees. Here are just a few:

Giving Direction – Success is dependent on vision and goals – Don’t let your numerous day-to-day tasks take away from paying attention to your employees. Upon hiring, clearly define the big picture and your long-term goals. If your employees feel they are working with you to achieve these goals, they will be more involved in the process and thus, more productive. They will take pride in their work. Make sure to give direction on a regular basis as this will motivate employees to work more productively and efficiently.

Setting the Company’s “Feel” – We all spend a lot of time at work, and so the employees’ work environment is critical to your success. “Everything comes from the top” is an age-old saying which means that as a leader, you are tasked with setting the “Company Feel”. Are you laid back, a strict “keep to the deadlines” sort of Manager, or somewhere in between? You need to understand and accept who you are and how you want to run your business. Once you have established this, impart it to your employees so that everyone understands your standards and works within them. Unity, not discord will be the result.

Communication – this is perhaps one of the most important “gifts” you can give your employees – your time and your ear to listen to their ideas, concerns, etc. With just a few employees, you will likely be wearing many different hats and your time will be stretched. But, remember, your employees need direction, recognition, understanding and acceptance from you – this ensures their success and as a result, yours as well.

If you keep all of these things in mind as you manage your employees, you will be able to run your business in such a way that you keep your personnel happy and productive.

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