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CPN's Note & Newsworthy - Vol. 4

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

5 Tips for Small Business Stress Management

Mike Kappel - Contributor - Serial Entrepreneur,

Patriot Software Company CEO

This is a quick and instructive read! These 3 tips

are key:

1. Remember what's going right

2. Take breaks

3. Take care of yourself

Most importantly - Have Fun!


Here are some software tools that can help you reduce the time spent on "time-consuming" tasks:

Great tool for organizing business expense receipts, setting up expense reports and sending

them to your client/employer, all with the push of a button!

Time tracking software that integrates with Quick Books, delivers company management

reports and automated invoices. Great time efficiency tool.


CPN & Associates LLC is a Business Consulting Firm offering strategic business reviews, analytical financial reviews, operational management, and many other small business services.

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