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Analysis Behind the Numbers - Part 2

This is the 2nd in a series of blogs that will detail how we work with small businesses to put them on a path for profitable growth and longevity. Please feel free to comment – we would love to hear from you!

Following up on our July 28th post, here are some questions we ask and answer through our analytics work with each client:

a) What is working well for the Company so far, and how can we build on that for even better results?

b) What are the key variables contributing to this positive trend? Are there any other items/variables that we could implement to move this positive trend forward, either in a more robust or faster way? Are these positive trends due to the fact that the company is almost alone in its market category or are they very well competitively placed within their industry? If well placed now, how long do we think that will last, and what can be done to keep them at their current status in the marketplace?

c) What hasn’t worked so far, and how can that be turned around? Or should we recommend a different direction that could yield better results?

d) How amenable is the business owner to such recommendations for his/her business? How do we present this to them in a positive light so that they feel their efforts have been good, but could be better and are willing to allow us to review their business in such depth?

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