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CPN's Note & Newsworthy - Vol. 5

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

The Basics of Creative Problem Solving - CPS

Jeffrey Baumgartner - Author

The Way of the Innovation Master, Report 103

Take a look at the 7-Step CPS Framework noted in the article. This will give you additional,

creative ideas on how to solve your clients' problems.


If you or your clients travel a lot, one way to free up time spent on manual mileage tracking is to use an automated mileage tracker. Here are some such tools that seamlessly track your mileage as well as integrate with QuickBooks and other accounting software tools.

Zoho Expense is tailor-made for businesses world-wide to automate expense report creation, stream-line approvals and deliver swift reimbursements.

Being the highest rated mileage tracker and expense log, Everlance is extremely user friendly.


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